Bee products

In the farm you can also find apiculture (bees). 26 boxes host a European bee species called Apis Melifera. These bees produce fine mountain honey sold under the name 'Mountain Bee Brew'.

Pure extracted mountain honey can be bought at the farm and in some other vending points, like the Bethel Baptist Hospital in nearby Malaybalay City.
Other bee products are also available:
  • comb honey
  • pollen
  • propolis
  • bee keeping accessories
  • etc.
The bees do not only produce honey and related products but also function as pollinators for the plants and flowers on and around the farm.

Thinking about starting with apiculture?
BAFF can provide you with information and all necessary materials from bee colonies to wooden boxes and frames. We can also scheduled training for bee keeping.

Contact us for more information.