Climbing Mt Dulang-dulang

Mt Dulang-dulang is the highest peak of the Kitanglad Mountain Range. It is as high as 2,938 meters above sea level and the second highest mountain of the Philippines. It is only 17 meters lower than Mt Apo in Davao. On its top and with a clear sky you can see a large part of Bukidnon province. You can see Cagayan de Oro, Lanao and even as far as Camiguin Island. If you are lucky you might see Mt Apo in the distance.

Climbing Dulang-dulang can be a two-day trip. First day ascending to just below the summit and spending the night in tents at a camp site, also known as Manny's garden. Early the second day the remaining 20 minutes climb to the summit can be done to enjoy the panoramic views and some picture taking. Back at the camp site and after packing your stuff, you can start the descent of only a few hours.

BAFF is located at an elevation of 1300 masl, at the foot of Mt Dulang-dulang. The farm with its cozy sleeping quarters and good food is ideal as base camp for a climbing trip.

BAFF can help you plan your climbing trip. We have connections with local guides and porters, and can assist in arranging the cleansing ritual, necessary to enter the sacred territory of Mt Dulang-dulang, with the local indigenous Tala-anding community.
Just make sure to arrange a climbing permit with the DENR!

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